The Most Advanced Industry Solution To Achieve High Performance Access to Multiple Data Sources Using a Single Schema

Risk and Regulatory Reporting:
Centralisation is Not the Answer

The post-crisis environment poses many challenges to C-suite executives at major banks, particularly in the areas of risk and compliance. Regulators want information that is detailed, comprehensive, consistent and above all, accurate. And they want it quickly. But meeting new risk and reporting requirements is a challenge for the often-siloed data management infrastructures of banks with diverse business lines across multiple geographies. While efforts to centralise are often thwarted by budgetary, organisational and legislative barriers, technological advances such as the use of enterprise-class flash memory are offering new ways to persist data at previously unachievable levels of performance, enabling consolidated and aggregated information to be delivered much more rapidly for better risk control, while also providing senior executives with user-friendly insight into the performance of the bank’s business lines.


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A 2 page factsheet, covering the time critical business issues and how adopting a high performance virtual data warehouse can enable banks to query operational systems directly, without impacting performance of those systems. Click to download.



In this video, Tony King, Financial Services Sales Manager at Violin Systems, talks to Mike O’Hara of The Realization Group. Tony discusses how embedding Violin’s all-flash storage into industry-leading enterprise risk and real-time reporting solutions is helping banks and financial service firms address some of the key technology challenges they face today, particularly around the storage and retrieval of trade-related data for regulatory and compliance purposes. Tony explains how, by partnering with solution vendor Stream Financial Violin Systems is able to achieve unparalleled levels of performance in this area.


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