The Most Technologically Advanced Stadium in All of Professional Sports

“To build out the vision of a technology showcase we wanted to lean on some of the leaders here in Silicon Valley.”
— San Francisco 49ers, Violin Customer Since 2012



  • 20,000 sq. ft. of State-of-the-Art Solar Panels
  • 27,000 sq. ft. Green Roof

When Levi’s® Stadium opened in 2014, venue management hoped to provide the most technologically advanced sports venue in the world. The finished product offers guests a wireless, paperless, 21st-century venue where everything from instant replays to food orders can be accessed from any digital device, from any seat.

“We’re able to make better decisions, more efficient decisions, more timely decisions, in order to make every day, every year here at Levi’s Stadium a better and better experience. The San Francisco 49ers and Violin Systems are very much aligned.”
— Ethan Casson, Chief Revenue Officer, San Francisco 49ers


The Team Needed a Fast, Secure Storage Platform To Support Rapid Access of Important Digitized Assets.

“Our historical data is extremely important, and using Violin to help us protect it is a key piece of our data management plan.”
— Robert Alberino, San Francisco 49ers


  • Consistent <µsec I/O latency
  • Granular, inline data deduplication and compression
  • Thin provisioning, cloning
  • Native, mirroring, replication, stretch clustering
  • Application and crash consistent snapshots
  • Single pane management anywhere in the world
  • Up to 70 TB raw, 217 TB effective

Almost 70 years of image archival history, including the photographs shown in the museum at Levi’s Stadium, are stored on the Violin 7300 Flash Storage Platform in the 49ers Data Center.

In addition to integrating a wide range of data services into the operating system for performance, reliability, and scalability, the 7300 Flash Storage Platform offers user selectable, block-level inline deduplication and compression to provide maximum storage efficiency to customers like the San Francisco 49ers. The 7300 supports mixed and multiple workload environments across an entire range of primary storage requirements.

The San Francisco 49ers chose Violin Systems to store, protect and access their mission critical data… including playbooks, developed every week based on opponent scouting reports, and scouting reports on prospects and potential draft candidates.

“Coaches and scouts want information instantaneously. We have many years of historical data, and so what we try to do there is to bring all of that data into a single player profile so that the scouts and coaches can go to one place and get basically everything. On the analytics side, we run some tools and models that are computationally intensive and will really benefit from Violin’s performance.”
— Steve Wagner, San Francisco 49ers