Germany’s Biggest Hearing Aid Company Improves Day-to-Day Operations with Violin 7300 Flash Storage Solution

“At KIND, we’re proud to manufacture some of the world’s best hearing aids, helping customers all over Europe rediscover the power of sound. Violin Systems has helped us to become more efficient as a company with flash storage infrastructure that we can rely on.”
— KIND Hearing, A Violin Customer Since 2014


KIND Hearing Facts:

  • The biggest hearing aid manufacturer in Germany
  • Provides hearing aids, tests and consultations
  • Has 600 shops in Germany and 100 more across Europe, with 3,500 employees in total

KIND was unhappy with existing NetApp flash storage arrays.

While KIND operates across Europe, its headquarters are in Hannover, Germany, where the company hosts all of its mission-critical IT operations, including its Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system, mail archive, testing environment and management of thousands of virtual machines. The company’s shops around Europe were struggling to access company systems because of low-performance, high-latency flash storage, and clearly needed a new system when the existing solution came to the end of its life.


KIND Needed High-Performance, Low-Latency Storage To Support IT Systems Headquartered in Germany and Used Across Europe by the Company’s 600+ Shops

“We need high-performance and low-latency flash storage so we can manage the vast number of virtual machines across Europe that access our centralised system in Hannover.”
— Christian Emmrich, IT Administrator, KIND Hearing


  • High performance
  • Consistent sub-millisecond latency
  • Data deduplication, compression, cloning and thin provisioning
  • Native replication
  • Single-pane management
  • Up to 70 TB raw, 217 TB effective

Violin 7300 Flash Storage Platform improves day-to-day operations — cost effectively. KIND was already using Violin’s 6000 Flash Storage Platform alongside the NetApp system, and so looked to replace NetApp’s solution with an all-Violin solution.

KIND now runs its Microsoft Dynamics AX, mail archive, testing environment and thousands of virtual machines on Violin Systems’s 7300 Flash Storage Platform, which significantly boosts performance and lowers latency.

Violin also helped the company to reduce the amount of physical storage space it needs, cutting 45 TB of data down to 7 TB — a huge ratio of nearly 7:1 — to minimise the cost of flash.

“We selected Violin because they have the technology that supports us in our day-to-day operations with high performance, low latency, and the arrays take up less physical space than our existing NetApp solution. Violin’s support throughout the solution so far has been excellent and we’re confident we have made the right choice with our flash partner. The benefits we have received more than outweigh the cost of flash storage.”
— Christian Emmrich, IT Administrator, KIND Hearing