SAN JOSE, Calif., June 19, 2018– Violin® Systems LLC, the leading provider of extreme-performance enterprise storage, announced today that Turkish data storage infrastructure specialists, Tara Sistem, has been appointed as the regional distributor of the company’s Flash Storage Platform to help customers transform from conventional IT infrastructures to all-flash data storage systems to support growing business needs.

The leading flash data storage solution provider in Turkey, Tara Sistem helps companies overcome bottlenecks in traditional IT infrastructures by deploying all-flash solutions that drive faster application performance, simplifies data center management and reduces the processing power requirements in data centers. Founded in 2006, the company shifted from traditional disk-based systems to all-flash systems in 2013 but has found a tremendous uptick in sales since switching from its previous all-flash supplier to partnering with Violin.

“Because of our focus in helping modernize our customers’ infrastructures through the adoption of all-flash solutions, it is imperative that we work with leading vendors that are able to supply the extreme performance needed to help optimize the storage environment,” said Aybars Gümüş, General Manager of Tara Sistem. “Since being appointed as the Violin distributor in Turkey, our sales momentum has significantly increased. The Violin Flash Storage Platform is uniquely positioned to provide the extreme performance needed to satisfy the most-demanding applications in a smaller footprint and at the same cost as traditional storage.”

With the Violin Flash Storage Platform, enterprises can transition from legacy storage solutions to enterprise-class, all-flash storage to achieve favorable CAPEX and OPEX scenarios. The Violin Flash Storage Platform features a performance optimized platform with rich data services to enable the transition of storage from legacy solution to all-flash, helping businesses achieve high throughput and lower latency. Whether organizations need extreme performance, primary storage or additional capacity, the Violin Flash Storage Platform provides the ability to support growth, improve efficiency and manageability, and deliver consistent and predictable service levels without breaking the IT budget.

“From the United States to Russia to Turkey, the need for extreme performance storage solutions is universal,” said Rick Ruskin, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations. “We are happy to work with Tara Sistem to provide customers in the Turkish region with an all-flash data storage platform that improves their application performance and modernizes their IT infrastructures to allow them to not only improve business conditions today but allows them to adapt to changing market conditions into the future.”

Violin Systems will be participating in an IDC event in Turkey later in the year. For additional information, interested parties can visit Violin Systems’ website.

About Violin Systems

Violin provides extreme-performance storage at the price of traditional primary storage to help customers maximize the value of their business-critical data in ways never thought possible. Offering a unique combination of data protection, business continuity and data reduction services with high throughput and low latency, the Violin Flash Storage Platform enables businesses to improve their operational efficiency to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business demands. With immediate access to information needed to achieve higher revenue and increase customer satisfaction, Violin’s uncompromising approach enables data-driven organizations to deploy critical applications that support operations across the enterprise in order to quickly grow their success and extend their market leadership. That’s why Violin is the only company customers depend on when they need to simplify their storage, simplify their data center and simplify their businesses.