New subscription model provides on-premise protection and speed at cloud economics

SAN JOSE, Calif., January 16, 2018 – Violin® Systems LLC, the enterprise storage industry leader for extreme performance with consistent low latency and data services, announced today a multi-pronged sales strategy that offers the flexibility that enterprises need to achieve the greatest data center efficiencies.

With the Violin Flash Storage Platform™, enterprises can transition from legacy storage solutions to enterprise-class all-flash storage to achieve favorable CAPEX and OPEX scenarios. Enterprises looking to simplify their storage, data center and business economics can further take advantage of moving to the Violin Flash Storage Platform through their preferred method of acquisition and deployment. Customers can now leverage flash to drive faster application performance in a smaller footprint and with reduced power consumption for a cost lower than the traditional HDD arrays or hybrid arrays either by purchasing the Violin Flash Storage Platform directly through the company; through a set monthly acquisition fee from Violin’s leasing partner; or via a cost-flexible, subscription model for as low as a 1 cent per gigabyte per month. The new Violin subscription program provides enterprise users with on-premise protection and unbeatable speed at cloud economics. This low price includes Violin’s Gold Support.

“Enterprises today are looking for cloud economics of their data center even when moving their infrastructure to the cloud doesn’t fit their corporate goals,” said George Crump, Storage Switzerland. “By offering traditional acquisition models of purchase and lease in conjunction with subscription-based pricing, Violin is making deployment of its Flash Storage Platform easier and more affordable to a wider group of customers. This approach not only provides enterprises with the opportunity to upgrade to a flash-based storage infrastructure but offers them the opportunity to do so within the financial restrictions often placed upon them by C-level officers.”

Standard buying options include both outright purchase and pay-as-you-grow offerings with smaller upfront fee and additional capacity invoiced over time. Lease options are available after qualification from Violin’s preferred financial partners. Violin’s subscription model allows organizations to pay on a monthly basis for storage used. All options include support, installation and optimization as part of the purchase price.

The Violin Flash Storage Platform features a vertically integrated design of software, firmware and hardware to enable the transition of storage from legacy solution to all-flash, helping 21st Century businesses achieve high throughput and lower latency without the need to overprovision hardware or using software to mitigate performance issues. Whether organizations need improved performance, primary storage or additional capacity, the Violin Storage Platform provides the ability to support growth, improve efficiency and manageability, and deliver consistent and predictable service levels without breaking the IT budget.

Included in Violin’s go-to-market approach of multiple sales avenues are:
• Flash Storage Platform 7700 –scale-up modular primary storage at the cost of enterprise disk that features 1 million IOPs at 1 ms latency and up to 1.4 PB effective storage capacity in a single name space
• Flash Storage Platform 7650 – extreme performance, 140TB all-flash storage with 1 million IOPs at less than 150µsec latency
• Flash Storage Platform 7450 – high-performance, 140TB all-flash primary storage that provides half a petabyte of effective capacity in only a 3U unit
• Flash Storage Platform 7600 – high performance, 70TB all-flash storage with 1 million IOPs at less than 200µsec latency
• Flash Storage Platform 7300 – primary storage for multiple, mixed workloads with up to 70TB raw capacity in more than 1 million sustained IOPs

“Companies continue to try to balance their capacity, performance and cost needs in the data center by making ad hoc decisions that don’t always correspond with best solutions for their particular use cases,” said Ebrahim Abbasi, Violin Systems’ CEO and president. “The value enterprises get from their data center should not be simply be limited by their inability to leverage better technology. By providing a wide variety of acquisition and deployment options, we are able to offer enterprises with the flexibility they need to achieve superior CAPEX and OPEX opportunities through the implementation of Violin Flash Storage Platform.”

Organizations looking to transform their storage infrastructure and data center economics can inquire about purchase, leasing or Flash-as-a-Service options from Violin Systems by calling 888-984-6546.

About Violin

Violin, the disruptive innovator in All Flash Arrays, is revolutionizing how businesses operate by enabling storage technology to be Instrumental to their company by changing the SLAs and capabilities of private, hybrid and public cloud environments. The Flash Storage Platform™, powered by Concerto OS™, a fully integrated storage operating system, is the industry leader in the combination of every significant category measured in all flash arrays: low latency, affordability, density, scalability and performance. With tightly integrated data services, the Violin Flash Storage Platform provides a unique combination of data protection, business continuity, and data reduction services onto a flexible, uniquely scalable solution called Scale Smart™, delivering significant CAPEX and OPEX savings. Founded in 2005, Violin is headquartered in San Jose, California.