SAN JOSE, Calif., May 2, 2018 – Violin® Systems LLC, the leading provider of extreme-performance enterprise storage, announced today its Violin Flash Storage Platform is now available as part of Saturn Business Systems’ next-generation data center and cloud solutions.

Saturn partners with leading global technology solution manufacturers to provide end-to-end integrated information technology solutions to its mid-market and enterprise customers. As part of Saturn’s next-generation offerings, Violin provides end-users with extreme-performance solutions that simplify storage, data center and business economics.

“Organizations are rethinking how they store and utilize data in order to maximize their profitability without breaking the bank,” said George Pappas, Vice President of Solutions Sales at Saturn Business Systems. “By adding the Violin Flash Storage Platform to our portfolio of next-generation solutions, we are able to help our customers gain performance while minimizing power and floor space expenses as compared to traditional primary storage offerings to better satisfy the economic requirements of the modern data center.”

With the Violin Flash Storage Platform, enterprises can transition from legacy storage solutions to enterprise-class, all-flash storage to achieve favorable CAPEX and OPEX scenarios. The Violin Flash Storage Platform features a performance optimized platform with rich data services to enable the transition of storage from legacy solution to all-flash, helping businesses achieve high throughput and lower latency. Whether organizations need improved performance, primary storage or additional capacity, the Violin Flash Storage Platform provides the ability to support growth, improve efficiency and manageability, and deliver consistent and predictable service levels without breaking the IT budget.

“We recognize the tremendous influence that resellers have over their customers’ choice of data center infrastructure and work hard to ensure that we partner with market leaders like Saturn Business Systems to better expand the reach of our innovative solutions,” said Rick Ruskin, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations. “We look forward to a fruitful relationship with Saturn to ensure that enterprises understand exactly how the Violin Flash Storage Platform can help them solve their unique business challenges related to performance and scale at the same cost of legacy enterprise disk solutions.”

About Saturn

For over 35 years Saturn Business Systems has provided integrated information technology solutions to mid-market and enterprise accounts. We partner with the leading global technology solution manufacturers and software providers to tailor and implement customized data center, cloud, and big data & analytics solutions. Saturn’s client’s include the leading corporations and organizations in the Finance, Telecom, Retail and Healthcare space as well as companies in a variety of other industries. Saturn provides customers with end-to-end whole solutions that span from assessment to implementation to follow-up, ensuring that the entire solution package consistently and continually performs to the highest of expectations.

About Violin Systems

Violin provides extreme-performance storage at the price of traditional primary storage to help customers maximize the value of their business-critical data in ways never thought possible. Offering a unique combination of data protection, business continuity and data reduction services with high throughput and low latency, the Violin Flash Storage Platform enables businesses to improve their operational efficiency to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business demands. With immediate access to information needed to achieve higher revenue and increase customer satisfaction, Violin’s uncompromising approach enables data-driven organizations to deploy critical applications that support operations across the enterprise in order to quickly grow their success and extend their market leadership. That’s why Violin is the only company customers depend on when they need to simplify their storage, simplify their data center and simplify their businesses.