SAN JOSE, Calif., May 8, 2018– Violin® Systems LLC, the leading provider of extreme-performance enterprise storage, announced today that information technology and services experts VDX has added the Violin Flash Storage Platform to its arsenal of transformative solutions that provide users with a robust, flexible, scalable, manageable and cost-efficient data center infrastructure.

VDX is a premier consulting organization that specializes in transforming the way companies manage and distribute their applications and services to end users, while leveraging unique and innovative technologies that ensure the success of those solutions. As a Microsoft Managed National System Integrator and Microsoft Cloud Partner of the Year winner with experience negating SQL Server sprawl, VDX can leverage Violin’s Flash Storage Platform and All-Flash Arrays to ensure consistent, low-latency data access while meeting the needs of extreme concurrency for an ideal solution to the on-demand nature of today’s businesses with minimum administration.

“Our clients trust us to help them implement solutions that deliver the resources they need to help them meet their critical business objectives,” said Robert English, CEO of VDX. “Whether faster application performance, more efficient resource utilization or improved storage economics, Violin’s extreme-performance solutions are well positioned to help us meet the complex demands of our clients’ organizations. I look forward to working with them as we transition companies to a modern data center.”

With the Violin Flash Storage Platform, enterprises can transition from legacy storage solutions to enterprise-class, all-flash storage to achieve favorable CAPEX and OPEX scenarios. The Violin Flash Storage Platform features a performance optimized platform with rich data services to enable the transition of storage from legacy solution to all-flash, helping businesses achieve high throughput and lower latency. Whether organizations need extreme performance, primary storage or additional capacity, the Violin Flash Storage Platform provides the ability to support growth, improve efficiency and manageability, and deliver consistent and predictable service levels without breaking the IT budget.

“It is imperative for us to work with partners like VDX that understand the importance of leveraging the latest technologies in the market today to solve business challenges associated with demands created by enterprise applications,” said Rick Ruskin, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations. “By working with Violin, VDX is able to deliver favorable business success to their clients with an extreme-performance solution that is built from the latest innovations in data services and flash architectures that transform both storage infrastructures and data center economics.”<\p>

About VDX

VDX is a leading provider of project-based consulting and managed services with vast experience in delivering flexible end-to-end solutions. From cloud-based solutions to the modernized desktop, our team of consultants brings over 20 years’ experience in creating highly-adaptive solutions that meet the demands of complex organizations. We specialize in helping organizations leverage cutting-edge technologies to solve their critical business challenges. Based on ISO Quality Management Standards, our proven delivery methodology, vTransformation™, ensures rapid, seamless integration between physical, virtual and cloud environments, delivering optimal returns on our clients’ IT investments. Our close collaboration with industry-leading vendors and experts provides our consultants with unique insight into industry trends, enabling us to craft robust and agile solutions today that solve tomorrow’s business challenges in new and dynamic ways.

About Violin Systems

Violin provides extreme-performance storage at the price of traditional primary storage to help customers maximize the value of their business-critical data in ways never thought possible. Offering a unique combination of data protection, business continuity and data reduction services with high throughput and low latency, the Violin Flash Storage Platform enables businesses to improve their operational efficiency to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business demands. With immediate access to information needed to achieve higher revenue and increase customer satisfaction, Violin’s uncompromising approach enables data-driven organizations to deploy critical applications that support operations across the enterprise in order to quickly grow their success and extend their market leadership. That’s why Violin is the only company customers depend on when they need to simplify their storage, simplify their data center and simplify their businesses.