Transform your data center economics with Violin’s 7450 Flash Storage Platform™ for high performance primary storage. Upgrade to an All-Flash Array with enterprise data services, consistent performance, and simple manageability, scalability and density to achieve new levels of data center consolidation below the cost of legacy disk

All Flash High Performance Primary Storage
Combines data reduction with low latency and high IOPS

Advanced Data Reduction
Typical 6:1 data reduction multiplies effective capacity

300,000 IOPS with Consistent 1ms Latency
Ready for multiple and mixed data center workloads

Up to 512TB effective capactity
Seamlesssly scale up from as little as 8.8TB Raw

Grows in 8.8TB Raw Capacity Incremets
Pay-As-You-Grow capacity becomes available as needed

Scales To 5PB Effective Capacity and 2.2M IOPS
Combines with the FSP 7700 for scalability in a single namespace

Business Continuity

  • Stretch Cluster with zero RPO and RTO (optional)
  • Remote asynchronous replication
  • Automated App DR Management
  • WAN optimization for replication
  • Consistency Groups for replication

Data Protection

  • Snapshots (app & crash consistent)
  • Consistency Groups for snapshots
  • Transparent LUN mirroring
  • Backup app integration

Data Scaling

  • Effective capacities of 32TB to 1/2PB in a single enclosure
  • Scaling to 5PB effective capacity with Scale Smart™ and FSP 7700
  • Non-disruptive capacity growth with Pay-As-You-Grow option
  • Online LUN expansion

Data Efficiency

  • Always-on, in-line data deduplication
  • Always-on, in-line data compression
  • Snapshots (app consistent, writable)
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Thin Clones

Powerful Always-on, In-Line Data Reduction

Violin FSP 7450 features advanced data reduction services. In typical deployments, FSP data reduction transforms raw capacity into 6X or more effective capacity to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Always-on, In-line data deduplication
  • Always-on, In-line data compression
  • Selectable thin provisioning
  • Selectable thing cloning

Embedded Enterprise Data Services

Powered by the Violin Concerto™ OS 7, FSP 7450 features enterprise data services supporting the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) businesses require. With the Violin Symphony™ management software, businesses can manage and monitor all FSP systems worldwide through a single pane of glass interface.

  • Business Continuity (BC) using metro FSP 7700 Stretch Cluster
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) using global FSP Asynchronous Replication
  • High Availability (HA) using local FSP Synchronous Mirroring
  • Secure Encryption compliant with FIPS-140-2 and AES-XTS-256

Innovative Scale Smart with Pay-As-You-Grow

The FSP 7450 features Violin’s exclusive Scale Smart. Scale Smart allows FSP 7450 to deliver simple, instant, and non-disruptive all flash storage capacity as it is needed. It also allows FSP 7450 to begin as a single enclosure system, and then become the storage shelf of an FSP 7700.

  • FSP 7450 supports both scale out and scale-up
  • Grow online capacity non-disruptively with Pay-As-You-Grow
  • Scale FSP 7450 raw capacity with Scale Smart and FSP 7700
  • Get 100% investment protection using FSP 7450 as FSP 7700 shelf