Accelerate your most demanding databases and applications with the extreme performance of Violin® Flash Storage Platforms. Consistent ultra-low latency at sustained ultra-high IOPS optimizes application performance. Violin Flash Storage Platforms re-define all flash solutions with a forward-thinking architecture that enables next-generation data centers.

All Flash SAN Storage with Extreme Performance
Combines ultra-low latency with ultra-high IOPS

Consistent Ultra-low Latency
Sets all flash SAN storage performance standard

Sustained Ultra-high 2.0M IOPS
Sets all flash San storage performance standard in 3RU

Up To 140TB Raw Capacity
Single enclosure solution lowers total cost of ownership (TCO)

Grows in 8.8%B Raw Capacity Increments
Pay-As-You-Grow capacity scales as needed

Scales To 1.4PB Raw Capacity
Scale Smart™ transforms FSP 7650

Business Continuity

  • Synchronous replication
  • Remote asynchronous replication
  • Automated App DR Management
  • WAN optimization for replication
  • Consistency Groups for replication

Data Protection

  • Snapshots (crash consistent)
  • Consistency Groups for snapshots
  • Transparent LUN mirroring
  • Backup app integration

Data Scaling

  • Capacities of 8.8TB to 140TB in a single enclosure
  • Non-disruptive capacity growth
  • Online LUN expansion

Data Efficiency

  • Snapshots (app consistent, writable)
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Thin Clones
  • Inline Granular Deduplication/Compression (Shelf Function)
7650 7450
Performance Consistent 150 µs Latency Consistent 1ms Latency at 300,000 IOPS
Capacity Up to 140TB Raw Capacity Up to 512TB Effective Capacity
Data Efficiency Data Deduplication and Data Compression