With the large-scale adoption of private clouds in enterprises and service providers, Frameworks such as OpenStack are gaining ground as companies move to leverage expertise in open communities, as well as lower costs. The growth of private cloud adoption has implications across all major pillars of enterprise technology: compute, networking and, most importantly, storage.

As an OpenStack Foundation corporate member, Violin offers its all-flash storage arrays with Fibre Channel plug-in options for customers running business applications on the OpenStack platform. For enterprise level compatibility and rapid customer implementations in OpenStack environments, Violin participates in both the Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network and the Mirantis Unlocked Technology Partner Ecosystem. The Red Hat Partner Network ensures that the Violin solutions have been thoroughly tested and certified by Red Hat as a fully-supported OpenStack solution. As an Unlocked partner, the Violin storage platforms have been rigorously validated for configuration, deployment, and integration with Mirantis OpenStack Clouds.


Violin Extreme Storage Platforms support the RESTful framework, adhering strictly to the constraints on Client–server, Stateless-ness, Cache-ability, System Layering, Code on demand (AKA) Client-side scripting and Uniformity of interface, rigor which enables seamless integration into the VMware MUI, XenCenter and several database management consoles. The RESTful API included in Concerto OS 7 and older versions of Violin’s vMOS operating system provides all of the same functions as provided by the WebUI and CLI. It is a powerful scripting tool which can be used to integrate with orchestration tools for automated cloud and SAN environments such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft SCOM, and OpenStack.


Violin VSMP for VMware vSphere is a plug-in for VMware vCenter that enables end-to-end storage management of Violin storage platforms connected through Fibre Channel in vSphere environments. This plug-in supports provisioning, centralized configuration, monitoring, and multi-box management. VSMP provides a datastore provisioning wizard that makes it simple for authorized administrators to create datastores–all the way from storage to the ESX hosts and present it to all the hosts in an ESX cluster–thereby eliminating multiple steps. VMware administrators then can provision VMs on the datastore without the need for further interactions with storage administrators. VMware administrators can easily discover and automate VMware storage settings with the ability to view Violin arrays configured for use in the virtual infrastructure, identify the physical ESX/ ESXi hosts connected to each storage system, and verify the settings related to FC and iSCSI protocols.