The 6600 All Flash Array is based on single level cell (SLC) flash and offers ultimate performance and resiliency, with 17.5TB of capacity. The 6600 is designed for no-compromise enterprise storage environments where only the highest levels of performance and resiliency are acceptable.

Ultimate Performance and Resiliency

  • SLC NAND for ultimate performance and resilience
  • Flash Fabric Architecture eliminates storage bottlenecks
  • Demanding, high write workloads welcome

Simple to Deploy and Manage

  • SAN Connectivity: Fibre Channel, iSCSI or InfiniBand
  • GUI-based management
  • Simplified storage provisioning
  • Violin’s Symphony management for all Violin All Flash Arrays from a single pane of glass

Flash Fabric Architecture

  • Purpose-built design to maximize flash technology potential
  • SLC NAND chips on optimized card design
  • Cards connect to optimized flash fabric
  • Tied together with optimized flash translation layer
  • No SSDs in Flash Fabric Architecture