Demanding enterprises worldwide depend on storage that can deliver results. The 7700 FSP provides the flexibility of a modular design that allows you to combine the suite of features you need for your data center. Valuable enterprise data needs protection with Enterprise Data Services. Meanwhile, the business requires any new storage to be cost effective. Complex enterprise workloads demand performance that is more than a point solution. Violin’s Flash Storage Platform delivers all of this and more.

Business Continuity

  • Remote asynchronous replication
  • Synchronous replication
  • Local/Metro
  • Zero RPO and RTO for stretch clusters
  • Automated App DR management
  • WAN optimized replication
  • Consistency Groups for replication

Data Protection

  • Snapshots (app & crash consistent)
  • Consistency Groups for snapshots
  • Continuous data protection
  • Transparent LUN mirroring
  • Backup app integration

Data Scaling

  • Up to 1.4 PB raw flash capacity under single name space
  • Capacity pooling across shelves
  • Online expansion of capacity
  • Online LUN expansion
  • Single name space across shelves

Data Efficiency

  • Snapshots (app consistent, writable)
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Thin Clones
  • Inline Granular Deduplication/Compression (Shelf Function)

Advanced Flash Solution at the Cost of Legacy Disk

  • Vertical integration of flash avoids expensive SSDs
  • Granular inline deduplication/compression reduces the space required to store data
  • Thin Provisioning and snapshots raise storage efficiency

Consistent and Sustained Performance for Primary Storage Workloads

  • Highly parallel architecture for heavy workloads
  • Concurrent operations for consistent performance
  • Low latency for demanding applications