Violin’s Symphony storage management console provides a single portal for managing petabytes of primary, flash-based storage across hundreds of Violin Systems storage platforms.

Symphony simplifies the storage management experience with user-selectable data services, real-time, SLA-based health monitoring, customizable dashboards, and comprehensive reporting, all under centralized management and administration.

Symphony enables one-click monitoring and management of Violin storage platforms, even if they are geographically distributed across the data center, across town or across an ocean through a unified browser-based user interface.

See Exactly What You Need With Selectable Dashboard

Symphony provides single-pane visibility into the most relevant information—historical and real-time performance trends, deduplication rates, replica and snapshot LUN status, health alerts and capacity utilization through a wide selection of widget-based dashboards. Symphony places complete control over flash-based primary storage in the hands of the administrator by enabling multiple levels of customization:

  • Set sampling rates and reporting windows
  • Group LUNs and Arrays by application, Line of Business, geography or SW version
  • Monitor health, performance, and workloads in real-time and historically
  • Rich library of fully customizable dashboard gadgets

Advanced Analytics for Informed Decisions

Symphony’s built-in advanced analytics engine provides powerful insight into important health and performance parameters of Violin Systems storage platforms a. With a wide library of customizable reports that can be sent over email, Symphony makes it simple to share information within the enterprise:

  • Real-time performance, data efficiency, and platform health trends
  • Extended data retention for up to two years
  • Data export using REST API

Scale-out Flash Management

Organize Violin Systems extreme storage platforms into dynamic Smart Groups for simplified, scale-out management. Symphony presents aggregated data services, performance, capacity and health information across all the arrays in a Smart Group:

  • A delegation of administration and control
  • Visibility into top arrays and LUNs
  • Group level health monitoring
  • User-selectable control over data protection and reduction services

Ensure Application Performance with Proactive Health Monitoring

Symphony continuously monitors key metrics of all Violin storage platforms and provides insight into health and performance issues before they impact the application:

  • Customizable health rule engine
  • Performance-based SLA monitoring
  • Flexible notifications with a variety of alerting methods
  • Fine-grained security model