VIOLIN XIO 700 Series Hybrid Storage Arrays

Flash Accelerated Performance for All Your Storage Needs

X-IO’s range of hybrid storage arrays deliver flash accelerated performance for virtualization, database, and cloud hosting solutions. X-IO Hybrid Arrays give you the agility needed to flex to today’s complex and variable workload environments, without compromising on reliability, availability, or affordability.

Optimize Virtual Desktop Productivity

Get more performance than physical desktops as boot storms become a thing of the past. Run deployment operations during the day without risk of performance bottlenecks.

Empower Server Virtualization

Ensure mission critical continuity with active-active metro storage clusters and maximize consolidation without impacting performance.

Accelerate Database Management Systems

Experience an 800% workload performance improvement and three times as many online transactions with for a fraction of the cost of traditional storage.

Implement Flexible, Fast, Accelerated Volumes

Automated, real-time movement between flash and HDD, ensures high performance without the need for specialist storage skills.

Add Efficient Deployment for Any Environment

Media Affinity allows you to utilize the 700 Series Hybrid Storage Array as both an All-Flash Array and a HDD storage array by pinning volumes to low-latency flash storage.


Reliable Storage Arrays for All of Your Mission Critical Needs

X-IO’s ISE 200 Series Enterprise HDD Arrays delivers consistent high performance even at 100% capacity for virtualized, database, and cloud-hosting environments. It offers unmatched reliability, with the industry’s only self-healing drive, repairing itself silently and invisibly, and running for five or more years with no service events.

High Performance Server Consolidation

Ensure your business and mission-critical applications are always at peak performance through X-IO ISE 200’s balanced workload distribution.

Grow Margins and Reduce Costs for Cloud Services

Always get 100% capacity without impacting client performance. Experience the simplicity and cost savings of the only self-healing storage array in the industry.

Advanced Database Management System Performance

Process data four times faster than the leading HDD array while reducing data warehousing load and analytics processing times.

Minimal Management, Maximum Reliability

Self-healing drive functionality reduces or eliminates service events altogether for a true set-and-forget experience, allowing your array to run for years with minimal intervention.

High-Performance Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

Increase organizational productivity with high-quality, low-cost virtual desktop technology that supports thousands of users with a fast-booting, fully loaded experience every single time.

Easy and Effective Server Virtualization

More density with less space — get efficient storage able to support thousands of machines on minimal racks, running fast, cool and quiet no matter the usage level.

Data Warehousing, BI and Predictive Analytics

Double your active users while maximizing your extraction, transfer and load times and drastically reducing wall-clock query response times. Plus, add statistical analysis and predictive analytics while changing nothing but your existing storage infrastructure.

Simplified Database Processing

Save money while eliminating rack upon rack of power-hungry, underperforming enterprise storage and upgrading to a single Intelligent Storage Element capable of supporting a multitude of units with sub-second transaction response times.

Big Data Facilitation

Underpin your Big Data environments with ultra-high performance, high-reliability storage infrastructure that scales out, or scales up, as your applications require.

Cloud Infrastructure

Scale up or down on demand. Our cloud infrastructure reflects elasticity, multi-tenancy, simple management & reporting.