The Violin Systems Extreme Performance Storage XVS 8, delivers consistent high performance with enterprise-class data services to help customers maximize application performance while significantly reducing IT infrastructure costs. Offering enterprise data services with low latency and high IOPS, XVS enables businesses to improve their operational efficiency to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business demands. With immediate access to information needed to achieve higher revenue and increase customer satisfaction, Violin’s uncompromising approach enables data-driven organizations to deploy critical applications that support operations across the enterprise in order to quickly grow their success and extend their market leadership. That’s why Violin is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world.

Consistent Low-Latency for Highest Application Performance

  • OLTP Database Applications
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Oracle, SQL Server Apps
  • Virtua Server & Desktops
  • Machine Learning, AI

Reduce Infrastructure Costs by 40% and Higher

  • Less I/O
  • Fewer Cores, Cheaper Cores
  • Server Reduction
  • Less Power & Cooling
  • Fewer Application Licenses
  • Less to Manage

Enterprise Data Services

  • Ensure system and data continuity, protection, efficiency & scale

NVMe over FC

  • Improving performance

Consistent Extreme Performance WITH BREAKTHROUGH ECONOMICS

Violin continually sets new standards for performance storage within enterprise data center SAN environments. XVS delivers 5X lower storage latency compared to other all flash storage solutions while simultaneously surpassing their IOPS performance.
Violin XVS 8


Violin’s unique flash ecosystem, the Flash Fabric Architecture (FFA), is woven from multiple layers of innovative technologies. At the system’s core lies a resilient, highly available mesh of thousands of flash dies that work in concert to continuously optimize performance, latency, availability, and longevity. Violin performance advantage saves customers money, with less IO, less expensive processors or fewer ones because the existing ones are more efficient, and fewer application licenses such as VMWare, Oracle, SQL, and of course reduced power & cooling at the rack level.
  • Spike-free and predictable latency.
  • Consistent performance that enables multiple workloads for data center consolidation.
  • Enterprise Reliability as all active components of the FFA are hot-swappable for reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS).

Single Platform with Selectable Efficiencies

Applications typically have different service level requirements including performance, data availability, data efficiency and more. With Violin low latency, you can consolidate more business-critical applications and databases per server CPU core without compromising service levels. With 10x lower transactional latency compared with legacy storage systems, Violin accelerates business-critical workloads while delivering transformative data center economics. Combined with embedded enterprise data services and storage management software, XVS offers the best combination of extreme all flash storage performance, low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and high Return on Investment (ROI).

Enterprise Data Services

Data Services are paramount for an enterprise-class storage. Resiliency, availability, flexibility, security, and efficiency are table-stakes especially when data must be available to applications at all times, even during failure. In addition, functions of replication, snapshots, data reduction are required.

Concerto OS

At the core of Violin’s architecture is ‘Consistent Performance’ enveloped and supported by powerful data services, we call this software Concerto. Concerto OS platform drives the XVS System, integrating Continuous Data Protection (CDP), Stretch Cluster and LUN mirroring. Powered by Violin Data Protection, Data reduction, and FFA engines, Concerto OS delivers consistent low latency and high IOPS, making the XVS the right choice for primary storage. XVS is a complete flash storage solution, designed from scratch, to deliver the best performance, storage efficiency, data redundancy, and value. It is the first all-flash storage solution that can store data at the same effective cost as enterprise disk arrays while providing the performance to be primary storage. Concerto OS delivers consistent low latency with high IOPS with new levels of functionality and ease-of-use through enterprise-class data services. It provides application-consistent snapshots, CDP and replication, granular block level dedupe and the best management in storage.

Business Continuity

  • Remote asynchronous replication
  • WAN Optimized Replication
  • Automated App DR management
  • Synchronous mirroring (Local & Metro)
  • Zero RPO and RTO with stretch clusters

Data Protection

  • Snapshots (crash consistent)
  • Consistency Groups (snaps & replication)
  • Backup app integration
  • Transparent LUN mirroring
  • Encryption

Data Scaling

  • Selective data reduction
  • Online expansion of capacity
  • Online LUN expansion
  • Scale-up to over 422 TB raw (1.3 PB effective) capacity pooling in a single namespace

Data Efficiency

  • Snapshots
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Thin Clones
  • Symphony Management

Simple & Powerful Management @ Any Scale

The Violin’s Symphony management console is a single portal for managing petabytes of storage across hundreds of Violin Platforms with ease.
  • Performance, Capacity, Health and Data Services
  • Personalized Dashboards
  • Custom/Automated Reporting
  • SLA-based Proactive Health Monitoring
Violin Symhony management console

Predictive Analytics

Running ad-hoc reports, drilling down on numbers to analyze how your storage and applications are operating used to be a common way that many storage administrators worked. Now with machine learning and advanced analytics, your storage system can work for you. In addition to the advanced capabilities of Violin Symphony described above, Violin now provides insight into past & present statistics for predictive future tuning through cloud-based predictive analytics.

Continuous Learning

The Violin analytics engine is always learning and adjusting to your changing workloads, answering management questions such as How is this LUN performing? Can it take more load? At this rate, when do I need to provision more space? How is dedupe working for this workload? Are there any events I need to watch out for? And much more.

A Touch of Augmented Reality (AR)

With a new mobile application that works on any iOS or Android mobile device, the authorized storage administrator can simply walk up to the new XVS and scan the systems unique QR code and immediately see useful information including performance rates, efficiency statistics, temperature and more. All XVS arrays stream their telemetry to the Violin cloud system that is integrated, constantly-updating, and real-time integration all in the familiar Symphony dashboard, So very simple.