Transforming Quantitative Trading Applications

Violin All Flash Arrays transform how investment firms that rely on big data computational analysis for their trading decisions are levering all flash storage arrays to accelerate key applications.

How LaSalle used Violin Systems to change the way applications are developed

Violin Systems array. The increased performance changed their system design and allowed them to reallocate resources used to tune the old system to pursue new projects.

Violin Systems Powers Core Claims Processing for Government Employees Health Association (GEHA)

GEHA, a major provider of health insurance plans for federal employees, embarked on an initiative to migrate business-critical applications from a mainframe to a modern distributed architecture. This case study illustrates the business value GEHA derived from running their core Claims Processing application on Violin flash Memory Arrays.

Collier County Delivers Online Testing at the Speed of Memory With Violin

Collier County Public Schools, one of the largest and most technologically advanced K-12 districts in the U.S., deployed Violin arrays to deliver online testing for 45,000 students. The result: dramatic performance improvements, lower IT costs, and a better end-user experience.

Pella Opens New Windows of Opportunity with Violin Systems

Pella Corporation, a leading provider of quality windows and doors, is also known for its 85-year history of innovation. When the company needed a primary storage solution for Oracle, SQL Server, and other business-critical applications, they turned to Violin Flash Memory Arrays as long-term strategic assets to improve performance, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition. Accelerates Online Advertising With Violin Systems, headquartered in Silicon Valley, uses Violin Systems arrays to deliver online advertising for the world’s largest advertisers while dramatically increasing IT efficiency and reducing operating expenses.

Enabling Real-Time Bidding for Online Advertising

This case study shows how flash Memory Arrays can change a business model, lower costs and have immediate impact in a fast moving and demanding business environment.

Healthcare Provider Prescribes Violin Systems for Better Patient Experiences

Violin Flash Memory Array doubles the performance of massive decision support databases for healthcare IT at high speed.

Major Telecom Accelerates Growth With Flash Memory Storage

After deploying Violin 6000 Series flash Memory Arrays 
to accelerate system monitoring and reporting, a large cellular phone service provider in the Americas was able to identify and repair problems before customers even experienced them.

Analyst Reports

Storage Mojo: SSD Limits in Enterprise Storage

Solid state drives of SSDs have taken the storage market by storm. But while they are wonderful for notebooks and desktops they have serious performance problems in enterprise storage — despite their high cost.

Clabby: Violin Extends All-Flash Array Portfolio at Both Ends

Violin Systems, well known for its leadership in all-flash storage platform solutions, has added two new options – the FSP 7600 and the FSP 7250 – to its product line. This extends the company’s flash offerings at both the high-end and the low-end, enabling enterprise customers to address both current and emerging applications/workloads.

Quocirca: Does a Proprietary Solution Automatically Mean Vendor Lock-In?

True innovation can only be achieved through doing things differently – being afraid of innovation will ensure that your organization will remain an also-ran. Embrace innovation and the performance and competitive advantage that will really help your organization perform in its markets.

Storage Switzerland: The Hard Disk Autopsy

An autopsy done on hard disk technology will find that it died because it could not keep up with the performance demands of the modern data center. Despite all the hype around software-defined “everything”, a silicon-driven world will likely be powered by hardware that is purpose-built to take advantage of the low latency and high performance of flash.

Quocirca: A Flash of Inspiration

Storage convergence based on flash media offers a different way for organisations to implement a fast, high availability data platform. It provides better data management; better expansion capabilities; more future options; and a better means of bringing storage fully into the IT platform.

Quocirca: With Flash, It's Not Just About the Software

The magnetic disk was invented over half a century ago. Apart from higher storage densities and spinning speeds, not a lot has changed over that period. It is time for a new prime storage medium to take over – and flash fits that bill. But, Flash is not just about the software; nor is it just about the hardware: it is all about the mix.

Mesabi Group: Violin Systems Plays a Melodious Tune in All-Flash Storage

What will be the technology for primary storage in the future? Disk may not be dead yet, but the future belongs to all flash arrays. How long the transition period will take is subject to discussion, but the tipping point has been reached and discussions have turned to what all-flash arrays can deliver.

IDC White Paper: Why Inline Data Reduction Is Required for Enterprise Flash Arrays

IDC Vendor Profile: Laying the Foundation for the All-Silicon Data Center

This IDC Vendor Spotlight discusses the emergence of a data center, flash optimized storage architecture that IDC believes will ultimately replace traditional storage architectures as the enterprise storage workhorse of the future, making the all-silicon data center (for primary storage) a very viable proposition. One of the early entrants in this space, Violin Systems, is then profiled.

ESG Lab Validation Full Report

This ESG Lab Validation report documents the full results of hands-on testing of the Violin Systems 6000 Series flash Memory Storage array, with a focus on the performance, efficiency, and flexible scalability of these storage systems in highly virtualized, mixed workload environments.

ESG Lab Validation Summary

This ESG Lab Validation report summaries the results of hands-on testing of the Violin Systems 6000 Series flash Memory Storage array.



Violin Flash Storage Platform 7600 Datasheet

Accelerate the most demanding storage workloads with the extreme performance of the Violin® Flash Storage Platform™ 7600.

Violin Symphony Datasheet

Simplified management of petabytes of memory across Violin Systems All Flash Arrays.

Pay As You Grow Datasheet

Upgrade your primary storage to an All-Flash Array and transform your data center economics with the Violin Flash Storage Platform™ while taking advantage of low-risk, non-disruptive data scaling for on-demand capacity expansion.

Violin Customer First Guarantees Datasheet

As part of an on-going commitment to customer success, the Violin Systems Customer First Guarantees are designed to enable customer success and deliver on-going value for their flash storage investment.

Violin Support Services: Gold

Your data is important and your business requires mission critical availability from IT. Violin provides customers Gold Support Services to deliver the highest response for business critical environments.

Violin Support Services: Silver

Your data is important and your business requires mission critical availability from IT. Violin provides Silver Support Services to provide you the outcome your business requires.

Violin Support Services Overview

Customers rely on Violin All Flash Arrays to transform their business and require Support Services programs that can enable success. Violin is committed to each customer and our Support Services are designed to provide ongoing value with options that deliver the most from your array.

Violin Professional Services Overview

Many data centers have limited experience with flash architectures and when combined with current staffing constraints may find it difficult to take full advantage of flash technology. Violin offers a portfolio of Professional Services to help IT deliver the business outcomes available from the latest innovations in data services and flash architectures.

vMOS Encryption

Protect valuable information assets and maintain compliance with data protection standards with strong encryption for Violin flash Memory Arrays, all without compromising performance.

Solution Briefs

Top 5 Reasons To Deploy the Violin Flash Storage Platform for Your Primary Storage Solution

With the Violin Flash Storage Platform, you can deploy enterprise-class all-flash primary storage and achieve very favorable CAPEX and OPEX scenarios. This set of capabilities developed from a vertically integrated design of software, firmware, and hardware enable the transition of primary storage from legacy solutions to all-flash.

Why Violin Is the Best Storage Platform for VMware

Violin Systems delivers flash-based storage solutions that help enterprises overcome the limitations of disk-based storage and unlock the full potential of their virtual infrastructure.

Optimize Data Reduction Technology with Granular Control

Data reduction technologies include deduplication and compression. Data reduction can be powerful for the right applications, but it is not useful for all applications. Granular control is the best way to use these tools.

Dell, Violin Systems, Emulex and Brocade: Open Database Acceleration Solution

This in-memory database solution provides an open-architecture solution that delivers extreme performance for all your database workloads, pre-built and pre-tested using best-of-breed technologies from Violin Systems, Dell, Emulex and Brocade.

Why Violin Is the Best Storage Choice for Oracle Databases

Violin Arrays ensure the lowest latency for data access, provide high bandwidth, and scale to hundreds of terabytes of data so that even the largest Oracle databases can be stored in flash memory.

Virtualize Oracle Databases with Violin All Flash Arrays

Implement successful private cloud and platform-on-demand solutions while increasing performance and reducing total cost of ownership with Violin flash Memory Arrays.

Optimize Oracle Databases with Violin All Flash Arrays

Accelerate Your Oracle-powered applications and run your entire database in memory with Violin flash Memory Arrays.

Top 10 Reasons To Run Your SQL Server Databases on Violin All Flash Arrays

Violin simplifies the configuration, usage, and management of SQL Server databases while delivering consistent and predictable performance for any data, anywhere, at any scale.

Consolidate Oracle Databases on Violin All Flash Arrays

Violin flash Memory Arrays allow you to consolidate and run Oracle Databases at the speed of memory, at a higher transactional throughput and lower total cost of ownership.

Top 10 Reasons To Run Your Hyper-V Applications on Violin All Flash Arrays

With Violin’s patented All Flash Arrays, virtualized enterprise applications have storage that can meet the performance needs for a mix of virtual machine workloads. This means your consolidation initiatives can now achieve their full potential through higher VM density and application performance from existing server investments to maximize your ROI. Accelerate your journey to a virtual data center and the cloud with Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V and Violin All Flash Arrays.

VMware Impact-Free Backup with 7000 Solution Brief

Concerto 7000 provides a better backup solution for VMware environments with no impact on production systems.

Violin Solutions for Virtualization

Maximize the benefits of VMware, Xen, and Hyper-V server virtualization by reducing latency and mitigating I/O randomization with flash memory arrays.

Why Violin Is the Best Storage Choice for SharePoint

As SharePoint deployments grow, storage performance becomes a challenge and impedes productivity and collaboration. Read about the top 5 challenges in SharePoint deployments and how Violin Systems addresses them.

Flash-Enabled Snapshots for Oracle

Violin Systems allows near-instantaneous snapshots to be taken of entire databases without disruption to production users. Flash-Optimized Snapshots allow you to explore many new avenues on the road to delivering higher-quality IT services at lower costs.

Scale-out Clustering with Violin Systems and Symantec

Regain control of your data center by building a true All-Persistent Memory Database Appliance with Violin Systems Arrays and Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System from Symantec

Supercharge Your SAP Applications

Support your SAP ecosystem with flash-based storage that scales as data and users grow exponentially, without performance degradation, and without impact to other business functions.

Top 5 Reasons To Run Your Data Warehouse on Violin

Violin’s unique memory-like, all-silicon architecture is designed specifically to address the speed, scale, administration, concurrency and TCO issues plaguing modern infrastructures by allowing for every memory address to be equally accessible at the same great speed, all the time.

Cost-Effectively Scaling VDI

Accelerate and scale your VMware and Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) initiatives while reducing storage costs and improving the end-user experience.

Fast Track Your SQL-Powered Data Warehouse

Enable real-time business value with Microsoft-certified SQL Server Fast Track data warehouse solutions.

Run SAP Applications Faster and More Efficiently

Run your SAP applications and ecosystem faster and more efficiently with Violin flash Memory Arrays.


How to Deploy Oracle on Violin All Flash Arrays

This document illustrates how to deploy Oracle on a Violin All Flash Array. Storage provisioning and database creation are covered. Also included are examples and explanations of performance tests and results.

Transforming Oracle Applications with Flash-Optimized Snapshots

This white paper describes how Violin Systems flash-optimized snapshots allow customers to create multiple up-to-date copies of their data, accessible at the speed of memory, without requiring additional storage infrastructure and without incurring performance penalties on the master copy.

Violin Symphony Whitepaper

This white paper illustrates how Violin Symphony provides a simple, unified experience for managing multiple Violin Systems Arrays. Symphony facilitates scale-out deployment of large numbers of Memory Arrays in the data center with a wide suite of next generation storage management features.

Violin Systems Operating System

This white paper provides an overview of the storage management, data protection and storage optimization capabilities powered by vMOS in Violin Systems Arrays.

Optimizing OVM Virtualization with Violin Systems Arrays

This document contains guidelines and best practices for solutions integrating Violin Systems Arrays with Oracle OVM. It details what is possible within an OVM Virtual environment and the implications of deployment decisions on the performance.

Removing Performance Bottlenecks in Databases with Red Hat

Enterprise Linux and Violin Systems Flash Storage Arrays
This technical paper examines the performance of database applications running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 with Violin Flash Memory arrays.

Benchmarking Cassandra on Violin

This technical report presents the results of a benchmark test performed by Locomatix, Inc. on Apache’s Cassandra open source distributed database management system utilizing the Violin flash memory arrays for primary storage.

Benchmarking Hadoop and HBase on Violin

This benchmark report demonstrates the performance advantages of running Hadoop and HBase on Violin flash Memory Arrays for Big Data implementations.

VDI for Federal Government Agencies

This reference architecture from Force3 describes a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that utilizes flash-based arrays from Violin Systems, along with Cisco UCS hardware and VMware View VDI software.