In today’s competitive world, if you’re not taking advantage of every opportunity, you’re already behind. Business Analytics provide a way to better understand your customers, markets and internal operations. Because you need to move quickly to gain competitive advantage, you need your data to be current and available now. Violin delivers Big Data Analytics systems in a Flash at the same cost as legacy enterprise disk solutions.

To extract the business value of Big Data you need lots of reliable, fast storage. A Big Data approach means being able to work with hundreds of terabytes, or even petabytes. But scale alone is not enough, you need data protection, ease-of-use as well as the ability to process the data quickly.

If you’re using Hadoop in a batch process to create reports, the fact that this process is iterative means faster I/O can allow you to perform more iterations in a day and arrive at useful business information faster. Serving ads to the right target with the right message needs to happen at the right time, and that means microsecond response times.

Violin’s Flash Storage Platform supports your Big Data Analytics projects with:

  • Accelerated logfile analysis for faster analytics in Splunk
  • Real-time I/O for NoSQL databases such as Mongo or Cassandra
  • I/O performance for multiple Hadoop iterations, and quick report turnaround times


Accelerate Logfile Analysis with Splunk and Violin

Violin’s Flash Storage Platform delivers the low latency and high IOPS storage that Splunk Indexer nodes require to concurrently ingest and index large amounts of data and process end-user queries. By moving Splunk indices to our Flash Storage Platform, you enable your compute infrastructure to scale with increases of ingested data and queries processed per day.


Supercharge NoSQL Databases like MongoDB and Cassandra

Violin’s Flash Storage Platform offers superior performance for NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra, specifically when they are deployed for near real-time data processing large numbers of indices. Violin performs 10-40x faster than legacy storage for queries and up to nearly 300% faster for data loading.


Increase Hadoop Turnaround Time for More Iterations per Hour

Violin’s Flash Storage Platform provides consistent performance under a variety of workloads to provide Hadoop and Hbase the speed to perform the iterations you need to find value in your data and stay one step ahead of your competition.