Data Warehouse

Most organizations have created data warehouses to track history of customers, vendors, inventory, finances and many other aspects of daily operations. This resource is now being combined with outside data from social media, clickstream data from company websites, marketing data, and other information to build a more complete view of the customers, markets and operations. Deploying your data warehouse on Violin’s Flash Storage Platform means you can achieve high service levels, support future growth, and get the most from your data warehouse storage investment all at the same cost as legacy enterprise disk solutions.

Certified for Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse

SQL Server 2012 Fast Track for Violin is the industry’s first all-silicon data warehouse solution. This validated solution combines SQL Server 2012 Enterprise with the unparalleled performance of the Violin Flash Storage Platform, giving you the most efficient hardware for your solution, saving you time and avoiding the potential costs associated with choosing the right technology for your business needs.

Certified for Oracle Data Warehousing

Violin’s Flash Storage Platform delivers unbeatable performance for Oracle data warehouses that scales to petabytes of data so you can run multiple, massive databases in a flash. Violin solutions are certified by Oracle for use with Oracle VM, enabling customers that deploy Oracle Linux or Oracle VM on Violin solutions to benefit from streamlined joint support.

Speed that Enables

Violin’s Flash Storage Platform for data warehousing provides the performance for enterprises that need an exceptionally fast and predictable data warehouse infrastructure. Setup, configuration and management of the storage tier with Violin is significantly faster and simpler than disk, hybrid or SSD-based solutions. Whether your database is Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, or Sybase there is no LUN striping to architect, no separation of data, log and temp space or tiering software to administer and all LUNs perform the same regardless of locality. Such consistency allows CIOs and the technical staff to plan for and maintain performance levels stipulated by an SLA with ease.

Scale to Petabytes

With 70TB raw capacity in a single 3U enclosure, Violin solutions enable customers to store upwards of a petabyte of data, even more with compression in a single rack, delivering a data warehousing storage platform that reduces complexity and increasing data loading speeds and efficiency. Customers use Violin’s Flash Storage Platform for petabyte-scale applications and to spread the benefits of Violin’s advanced Flash Fabric Architecture across a range of applications to accelerate their enterprises.