• Facilitating rapid application development for increased competitiveness
  • Supporting real-time and advanced analytics to create new business opportunities
  • Providing flexibility and workload scalability to handle diverse application needs
  • Reducing Capex and Opex in web-scale environments
  • Accelerating on-prem/off-prem data transfer for data mobility and business continuity
  • Supporting advanced cloud based service options for increased differentiation

The mobile generation and cloud technology have brought disruptive changes to the telecommunications industry. Along with a new competitive landscape and the need for innovative services, the cloud has created an entirely new set of opportunities and challenges. Network operators now compete not only against each other, but also against Cloud Service Providers and over-the-top (OTT) service providers such as Google, Netflix and Amazon. Telcos and Service Providers alike are under pressure to deliver new and ever-higher levels of service and reliability.

At Violin, we understand these challenges. Our enterprise cloud communication solutions provide the flexibility to run mixed and multiple workloads from a single platform that scales to petabytes. In addition, a performance oriented scale-out architecture with advanced data services ensures that your customers will always have instantaneous access to data, translating into a higher average revenue per user (ARPU) for you.

Telecom Cloud

It’s no secret, voice service has become a commodity; data and content delivery services are now the avenues for profitable growth. Due to exploding smartphone use and increased competition, Telcos must optimize network performance, improve operational efficiency, and sift through vast databases with Big Data and advanced predictive analytics tools to access new markets and improve the customer experience.

Discover why 22 of the largest global Telcos run on Violin. Our unique architecture delivers sustained application performance to complete analytics, billing and service entitlement processing, and network management tasks in record time. Ask us how one customer reduced latency on its Policy Management system by 90%, eliminating over $2.5M per week in revenue leakage.

Cloud and Service Providers

As a Service Provider, you support customers with demanding workloads – application dev/test, e-business apps, OLTP/OLAP, VDI, and video streaming. You need the flexibility to scale storage instantaneously and non-disruptively to meet wild fluctuations in demand that can threaten fragile customer SLAs. In this highly competitive marketplace, you need to rapidly develop, test and roll out innovative new applications and services to maintain your edge.

Our all flash arrays are built with your environment and challenges in mind. Our solutions deliver the performance and non-disruptive scalability in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments and allow you to reduce your storage costs while preserving customer SLAs – all from a single platform. Advanced management and data services support your efforts to improve operational efficiency and discover new sources of revenue.