• Reduce risk through advanced modeling and early fraud detection
  • Capture new market opportunities by supporting real-time analysis and new business models
  • Improve regulatory compliance while reducing its impact on operational costs
  • Enable innovation by accelerating application development and test
  • Facilitate growth through improvements in the customer experience and reduced customer churn
  • Reduce Capex and Opex through resource consolidation

The impact of digitalization can be felt across the Financial Services sector, from Banking to Capital Markets to Insurance. Each segment faces its own unique challenges driven in large part by regulatory changes and increasingly savvy customers, customers with high service level expectations who will not hesitate to abandon a financial institution if it fails to meet their needs.

Like many of the industry’s leading financial institutions, you can trust and depend on Violin solutions to help to improve your customers’ experience. Our unique architecture provides higher, more consistent performance across mixed and multiple workloads, allowing you to save time and money by consolidating all of your mission critical applications on a single platform.

Retail and Commercial Banking

The Post-Crisis Financial Environment Poses Many Challenges to Executives at Major Banks.

Business and operating models must adapt quickly to a more uncertain and unpredictable world. And, as banks adjust to the new competitive landscape, they must also demonstrate their compliance with the evolving regulatory framework and their continued financial health and stability. Regulators want information that is fast, detailed, comprehensive and consistent. But meeting new risk and reporting requirements is an all-but-insurmountable challenge for the often-siloed data management infrastructures of banks with diverse business lines across multiple geographies.

Today, in addition to inter-bank competition, the banking industry faces an onslaught of non-traditional competitors, including Apple, Google, Lending Tree and others. These competitors leverage their expertise in mobile infrastructure and data analytics to offer innovative products and services. As a result, digital and social channels provide a means to improve the customer experience and combat customer churn.

From monthly processing to mobile banking and application development to legacy system modernization, Violin supports all of your application needs. Our expertise in Business Intelligence and solving Big Data challenges allows you to leverage these tools across a wide variety of channels to respond to ever-changing customer buying patterns.

Capital Markets

In the fast moving world of global trading, missing an opportunity by a millisecond can have the same impact as missing it by a month – the hidden arbitrage opportunity is gone or the losses begin to mount. Consequently, you need a low latency transactional system to remain competitive. You also need a system that supports advanced analytics to sift through large volumes of data to quickly identify fraud patterns or subtle shifts in the market’s momentum.

Violin’s all flash arrays deliver consistent, ultra-low latency performance combined with enterprise-class scalability and reliability. Our systems can easily support your heaviest analytical needs, allowing you to take advantage of these opportunities and mitigate risk.


Insurance providers have complex analytic needs that require both speed and accuracy; the world is moving faster and is more complex. Legacy systems that resulted in data silos, labor intensive policy administration and limited insights are no longer sufficient. You need to be more agile to satisfy more demanding consumers and to support new technologies such as telematics that promise to reduce risk through improved predictive modeling.

Violin’s Big Data Analytics and Data Warehousing solutions support the complex analytics needs of the insurance industry, providing certified solutions that offer sub-millisecond performance and petabyte scalability.