In the quest for increased IT return on investment, many businesses are embracing various aspects of cloud computing. A hybrid cloud approach bridges private and public clouds. A common use case is using the public cloud as an overflow for a private cloud application. Examples might include test/development, quarterly/annual financial closing or a project that runs out of resources faster than internal resources are available.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Performance

IT’s ability to deliver services at an optimum cost is critical. Some storage vendors provide a Quality of Service approach to ration performance and distribute it accordingly.

Violin has taken a different approach. Violin’s Flash Fabric Architecture (FFA) provides consistent low latency and high bandwidth by creating high levels of parallelism in the array, and spreading data across the array in a way that enhances performance and flash resiliency. This enables Violin All Flash Arrays to deliver the performance needed for tier 0, 1 and 2 service levels with hybrid cloud strategies rather than trying to ration limited performance. FFA provides consistent low latency to deliver requisite performance across a mix of multiple workloads at varying service levels.

Scale on Demand

Hybrid Cloud implementations need the ability to burst demand for resources to a public cloud quickly as business needs change. Creating the gateway between your in-house private cloud and a public cloud could be part of a strategy to maximize corporate resources. The storage tiers in the hybrid cloud storage pool need to support the overall service catalog goals. Violin All Flash Arrays with consistent low latency, scalable capacity, OpenStack compatibility, and high value are a logical choice for tier 0, 1 and 2 storage pools.

When you start building your hybrid cloud, you need to look at Violin All Flash Arrays for your tier 0, 1 and 2 storage for the performance, data availability and scale features you need.

Security and Protection

User data must always be safe and continuously available, of course. Even as your private cloud storage pool is available to your user, you don’t want it available to a thief. Violin All Flash Arrays can encrypt data at rest to provide data theft protection that allows audit-ready compliance and governance of your storage pool.

Another aspect of data protection is business continuance. If things go wrong inside the data center, such as a fire and natural disasters, you will want to offer a service catalog option for business continuance. Violin All Flash Arrays provide the ability to protect primary data in a different location in case of catastrophe to allow operations to resume in a recovery site.