Millions of IOPS with Consistent Low Latency and Data Protection

Violin’s extreme performance storage platforms ensure consistent, low latency data access through high-bandwidth connectivity that scales to petabytes so your business can store even the largest databases in all-flash storage. Our SQL Server® solutions meet the needs of extreme concurrency and are ideal for the on-demand nature of today’s businesses with minimum administration. Sophisticated data services help ensure 24×7 access to critical business data.

Violin Extreme Peformance Storage Platforms Drive SQL Performance to New Heights

  • SQL Writes up to 2x faster and SQL Reads up to 1.5x faster than other all-flash arrays
  • CPU loads reduced up to 30%; Latency of ~500 μseconds
  • 20x faster report generation and application performance
  • Violin’s Flash Fabric Architecture

Enterprise Data Services Protect Critical Digital Assets

  • Violin platforms are optimized and Certified for Microsoft SQL Server and Hyper-V
  • Fully redundant, no single-point-of-failure, field replaceable components
  • Violin enables software Continuous Availability by supporting Windows® Clustering, SQL Server Mirroring, Replication, Log-Shipping, and HADRON

Accelerating SQL Servers on Violin Storage Platforms Is Easy

  • Violin Storage platforms are free from hot spots or data locality issues
  • No LUN or stripe mapping is required
  • Reduce the number of SQL Server licenses required by up to ~90%
  • Support random and sequential workloads on the same SQL array with no performance impact
  • Improve indexing and logging performance; no index rebuilding for logical fragmentation