Online Transaction Processing

To successfully drive the business, applications such as order entry, financial transactions, and customer relationship management (CRM) as well as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and retail point of sales (POS) solutions must deliver low latency responses to myriad small queries. As a result, online transaction processing (OLTP) environments are one of the most demanding for storage. The Violin Flash Storage Platform delivers the consistent ultra-low latency and performance combined with enterprise-class scalability your business needs to make real-time decisions that sell products, deliver advertising, and optimize revenue. In addition, business-critical transaction data must be protected against any type of outage since it is the revenue engine for the enterprise. Best of all, the Violin Flash Storage Platform does all of this at the same cost as legacy enterprise disk solutions.

Violin Enhances OLTP environments by:

  • Providing low latency for high transaction rates
  • Ensuring business continuity through synchronous and asynchronous replication and mirroring to make sure your data is always protected
  • Consolidating data center infrastructure, simplifying operations and reducing costs

Low Latency OLTP

OLTP workloads such as ERP, CRM, and POS operate within the framework of a relational database such as Oracle or SQL Server. With the high-speed persistent storage delivered by our Flash Storage Platform, you can take full and consistent advantage of in-memory OLTP in SQL Server 2014 to deliver blazing fast throughput to handle the most demanding workloads.

One of the most common deployments for our Flash Storage Platform is in an Oracle database running an OLTP workload. Customers have sited 10–20x more transactions with Violin over legacy disk-based storage. The difference is our low-latency Flash Fabric Architecture (FFA) that gives the Violin Flash Storage Platform consistent low latency, high bandwidth and high transaction rates.

Business Continuity

Enterprise Data Services go beyond the Flash Fabric Architecture to provide software features that help you meet enterprise availability requirements. The Enterprise Data Services that are delivered as part of our Flash Storage Platform enable complete recovery of Oracle or SQL Server databases to any point in time, locally or remotely. Synchronous or asynchronous replication from Violin provides protection from outages locally, regionally or globally. Your data must be protected, and Violin delivers that capability.

Data Center Consolidation

The economics of enabling transaction processing are also important. The underlying database software license, either Oracle or SQL Server can be the most expensive IT line item. This makes the database the most cost-sensitive workload. IT shops looking for greater efficiency with software licenses often find that by reducing storage I/O wait times with Violin’s Flash Storage Platform, server consolidation is enabled. Server consolidation then reduces the number of required cores, which can significantly reduce costs. With the Flash Storage Platform costing the same as legacy enterprise storage you not only achieve higher transaction performance, but do so with reduced expense.

in addition, with your Violin-based data center consolidation you get simplified management. Fewer servers translate to fewer operating systems to update, fewer network nodes to manage and less footprint to worry about. You will typically use less storage than legacy configurations since over-provisioning, short stroking of disk, and caching layers are no longer required. With Violin’s Flash Storage Platform, you can undertake the massive consolidation within your data center to reduce your CAPEX, OPEX, and total cost of ownership.