Your Oracle team asks a lot from storage; from consistent extreme performance for production and analytics workloads to enterprise data features and management tools to high reliability and availability to speeding application deployment and testing and development. Violin can help you be that kind of superhero with our Oracle application solutions.

Oracle Workloads Thrive On Consistent Low Latency

  • Violin’s Flash Fabric Architecture enables consistent performance, almost eliminating so-called “long-tail” latencies
  • Extreme I/O performance from Violin increases business value through higher performing business-critical Oracle OLTP applications such as ERP
  • Consistent extreme performance drives better business decisions — faster reporting and analytics means faster access to critical business insights

Violin Has The Enterprise Data Services Your Oracle Infrastructure Requires

  • Synchronous mirroring for local protection, stretch clusters for regional protection, and asynchronous replication to remote disaster recovery locations with automatic fail-over
  • Data cloning provides a complete copy at the LUN, LUN Group or Consistency Group level
  • High-speed and Low impact snapshots allow aggressive RPO and RTO targets
  • Thin provisioning eliminates nearly all allocated-but-unused capacity
  • Granular, settable performance and data protection parameters

Violin Extreme Performance Saves You Money

  • Storage consolidation: Violin’s high performance and high capacity per RU allows you to server more workloads with fewer arrays
  • Server Consolidation: Eliminating bottlenecks can reduce compute requirements – fewer cores, servers
  • Database consolidation: Better storage performance can allow more applications to run off the same database – saving compute and reducing operational complexity
  • Managed in a single, scalable, customizable pane of glass with Violin’s Symphony GUI
  • Consolidation: Saves on power and cooling and rack space and maintenance fees and even application licensing