No more endless performance tuning, manual data placement, over-provisioning, or sleepless nights worrying about Oracle I/O performance. Violin Flash Storage Platforms and All Flash Arrays deliver unbeatable performance that scales to hundreds of terabytes for multiple, mixed workloads with complete data protection and consistent, sub-millisecond latencies, all at the cost of traditional HDD-based arrays.

Consistent Low Latency on Violin All Flash Arrays Deliver Maximum Workload Productivity.

  • Violin’s Flash Fabric Architecture enables consistent performance, enhanced protection and management at a more granular level than any SSD-based or Hybrid Array
  • I/O performance from Violin Flash Storage Platforms and All Flash Arrays drive savings in utilization and CPU-based licensing for high business value
  • Consistent, sub-millisecond latencies drive development and maintenance savings. Applications don’t need to be rewritten. Failure prone HDD’s don’t need to be swapped. I/O performance does not need to be tuned.

Violin All Flash Arrays Deliver the Enterprise-level Data Services that Enterprise Applications Require

  • Synchronous mirroring for local protection, stretch clusters for regional protection, and asynchronous replication to remote disaster recovery locations with automatic fail-over
  • Data cloning provides a complete copy at the LUN, LUN Group or Consistency Group level
  • Clones can be made writable by combining with application-consistent snapshot functionality
  • Thin provisioning eliminates nearly all allocated-but-unused capacity

Violin Flash Storage Platforms and All Flash Arrays Drive Operating Efficiencies

  • Same cost as legacy HDD arrays but with no need to over-provision or short stroke rotating media
  • No manual data, log or table placement needed
  • No rewriting applications required
  • Granular, settable performance and data protection parameters
  • Managed in a single, scalable, customizable pane of glass with Violin’s Symphony GUI
  • Consolidate storage footprint, power, space and cooling requirements up to 90%