Violin and SAP partner to offer solutions that provide fast access to data and allow for real-time, data-driven decision making. The joint solution is certified for deploying a robust and scalable database infrastructure mandated by today’s business requirements.
Whether it is an ERP application, a Sybase database or predictive analytics, run your SAP deployments on Violin Flash Storage Platforms and All Flash Arrays for real-time data access on an open architecture for the future.

Deploy Best-of-Breed Solution from SAP and Violin

  • Certified Sybase ASE database solution for transaction-driven environments
  • Transactional database of choice for SAP applications, designed for data-intensive workloads
  • Violin’s Flash Storage Platforms and All Flash Arrays for real-time high-performance, predictive analytics

Close Books Faster to Meet Business Service Levels

  • Close payroll processes 5x faster and mitigate risk
  • Run more complex reports faster, without impacting other business operations
  • Improve planning processes for an effective supply chain and reduced financial risk

Reduce Costs by Driving Efficiencies in your SAP Infrastructure

  • Reduce operational expenses by consolidating multiple SAP deployments
  • Scale the number of reports and users with existing infrastructure
  • Any data, any user, anytime, any scale—without impact to the business

Supercharge Your Sybase ASE Database

Today’s business-critical applications must quickly process millions of transactions with terabyte-scale databases and they must do this reliably, efficiently and economically.
SAP Sybase ASE running on Violin Flash Storage Platforms and All Flash Arrays accelerates transaction-driven workloads to run consistently faster, by up to 20x at a lower total cost of ownership.

Increase Transaction-driven Workload Performance

  • Deliver data on-demand to ensure business service level agreements are met
  • Accelerate application performance by up to 20x
  • Achieve actionable business insights from near real-time analytics

*OLTP Throughput (transaction/minute)

Reduce Operational Overhead

  • Consolidate datasets and run queries on production data
  • Accelerate ETL stages and reduce the time it takes to process data
  • Scale your business, not the cost of running your business

*OLTP Throughput (transaction/minute)

Certified for Use With SAP
Violin All Flash Arrays are certified by SAP for use with SAP, enabling customers
that deploy SAP or ASE on Violin to benefit from streamlined joint support.

*Based on joint SAP and Violin internal testing results.

Accelerate the Path to SAP HANA with the Certified Violin Systems Flash Storage Platform

Whether you are running an ERP application, HANA or ASE/IQ database or predictive analytics, running your SAP deployments on the Violin platform enables predictable performance and linearly scalability—all at extremely reduced lower total cost of ownership. Running HANA on the certified Violin platform gives you control over SAP architecture with:

  • Uncompromised performance at up to 10x compared to legacy storage
  • Consistent low-latency and throughput across scale-out and scale-up deployments
  • Built-in, enterprise-grade high availability redundancy
  • Exponential reduction of administration, installation and maintenance overhead
  • This technical white paper illustrates the benefits of Violin flash storage in a HANA environment