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Your data is important and your business requires mission critical availability from IT. Violin provides customers Support Services to deliver the response appropriate to your business environment.

Customers can access support through email, worldwide toll-free phone numbers, a custom Support Portal, and Callhome capabilities. Our Technical Support Engineers bring expert level troubleshooting to resolve customer issues and if needed, to dispatch an RMA and replace parts onsite within four hours. Violin engages a global team of partners that provide hardware delivery and replacement, but rest assured, Violin’s commitment is with our customers. Our Callhome tool provides predictive analytics, proactive support with automated notification of select system events, proactive diagnosis of potential problems, and automated case creation.

Access the Violin Support Center

Access the Violin Customer Support Portal to open a technical support case, find the latest software releases, download documentation, and access our knowledge base.

Violin Products Support Center

If you don’t already have a Violin Support Center
account, Click Here.

Support of Violin XIO Products

PHONE: U.S. Toll Free: +1 800 734 4716

Note to XIO Customer Self Service Portal Users

Violin is optimizing the experience of our customers with a single experience across any Violin offering, and therefore we are retiring the legacy XIO Storage Customer Self Service Portal.

We value your engagement with Violin and request that you submit a request to gain access to the new Violin Support Center.


Register for Support

Register for a Support Portal account to take advantage of Violin Support Services; including documentation, software updates, Violin Symphony, and host agents.

Enter a Violin Serial Number to expedite your account validation.

Ways To Locate the Violin Product Serial Number:

  • V-7700 Controller: inspect the pull out tag on the front of the 7700 Controller
  • V-7000 FSP, XVS 8: inspect the label on the right side of the unit; collect the chassis serial from the output of ‘vinventory’ at the Array Controller Module master.
  • V-6000 Array: inspect the label on the right side of the Flash Array; collect the system serial number from the output of ‘vinfo’ at the Violin Gateway.

Ways To Locate the XIO Product Serial Number:

  • Legacy G2 & G3 ISE: Pull the XIO front plastic bezel to reveal the VPD (vital product data card). Inspect the VPD card on the top middle of the ISE chassis, the ISE chassis serial number is located on VPD card; collect the output of ‘show ise’ from a CLI session. The ISE serial number is 8 characters in length and will begin with the prefix 3DExxxxx, or 3FExxxxx respectively.
  • G4 ISE: Loosen the thumbscrews securing the G4 chassis to the rack and pull the G4 out of the rack at least 5 inches. Inspect the label on the top right hand side of the chassis; collect from the OptimISE UI dashboard. The serial number is 16 characters and begins with the prefix USE26000xxxxxxxx.

Customer Support Resources

For general support questions or help with a forgotten password, email

To set up a new account, Click Here

For customer service issues such as payment, shipping, and support contract issues, please contact us.

Customer Support Contacts

To contact Violin Customer Support by phone, dial 1-855-846-5465. Outside the United States, please refer to the list of international telephone numbers below.

International Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Germany 0800-100-0387
Ireland 1-800-948-352
Japan 0800-888-0336
Romania 0-808-360-186
Russia 800-100-8503
Switzerland 0800-820-063
Turkey* 90-850-2526376
U.K. 0-808-134-9908
U.S.A. 1-855-846-5465

* Toll charges apply

Support Services and Plans

In addition to a comprehensive warranty, Violin offers three levels of support services:

Silver A1—Includes 24x7x365 access to technical support, software support (including access to major upgrades and maintenance releases), best effort 4-hour replacement hardware delivery.

Silver B—Includes 24x7x365 access to technical support, software support (including access to major upgrades and maintenance releases), next-business-day hardware delivery, and hardware replacement by a trained field service engineer.

Gold—Includes everything in the Silver B plan plus best effort 4-hour replacement hardware delivery, and hardware replacement by a trained field service engineer.

Service Feature Warranty Silver A1 Silver B Gold
SW maintenance releases for Major/minor upgrades
Features that require separate SW licenses are not included
90 days
Hardware 3 years standard Included up to
5 years
Included up to
5 years
Included up to
5 years
Tech Support 9–5 2 7x24x365 7x24x365 7x24x365
Replacement HW Delivery Return to Factory 4 hours 4 NBD 2,3 4 hours 4
Certified Field Technician
Call Home

Additional Support Services – available for purchase

  • Training
  • Media Retention
  • Data Migration
  • Array/ISE Installation
  • Professional Services
  • Secure Erase
  • Health Checks
  • Array/ISE Moves
  • Resident Support Engineer

1 = G3/G4 only
2 = Local time, Monday–Friday (excluding holidays)
3 = During normal business hours for select locations
4 = Best Effort once HW problem is diagnosed