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Ways To Locate the Violin Product Serial Number:

  • V-7700 Controller: inspect the pull out tag on the front of the 7700 Controller
  • V-7000 FSP, XVS 8: inspect the label on the right side of the unit; collect the chassis serial from the output of ‘vinventory’ at the Array Controller Module master.
  • V-6000 Array: inspect the label on the right side of the Flash Array; collect the system serial number from the output of ‘vinfo’ at the Violin Gateway.

Ways To Locate the XIO Product Serial Number:

  • Legacy G2 & G3 ISE: Pull the XIO front plastic bezel to reveal the VPD (vital product data card). Inspect the VPD card on the top middle of the ISE chassis, the ISE chassis serial number is located on VPD card; collect the output of ‘show ise’ from a CLI session. The ISE serial number is 8 characters in length and will begin with the prefix 3DExxxxx, or 3FExxxxx respectively.
  • G4 ISE: Loosen the thumbscrews securing the G4 chassis to the rack and pull the G4 out of the rack at least 5 inches. Inspect the label on the top right hand side of the chassis; collect from the OptimISE UI dashboard. The serial number is 16 characters and begins with the prefix USE26000xxxxxxxx.